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I wanted to find out what happened to Mr. Tacktill so I put his name in Google and this is what came up:

My name is Barry and I moved back to Long Island last year after being gone for more than a decade. I finished my undergraduate work in 1994 at the University of South Florida (including a semester abroad at a college in Italy). I remained in Florida for several years afterwards, in order to run my own business. I initiated dozens of youth afterschool programs (including self defense and cheerleading) across the state. Concurrently, I worked on several TV/Film projects, culminating with my participation in the production of an independent feature film in 1995, which was shown at the Cannes FilmFestival.

In 1997, I became a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Williams Middle School in Tampa, teaching many underprivileged students in the "projects". I loved it, but had a need to answer a personal question. I never wanted to wonder (years from now....) "What IF???" So - I packed up my car and drove west to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving in LA, I began working yet again in television and film, working as Operations Manager for Playboy Entertainment. As one might imagine - it was loads of fun being able to mingle with the celebs at the parties held at "The Mansion". My "What if?" question having been answered, I realized that I was not going to settle down in Los Angeles - and Long Island was where I belonged.

I returned last year - and returned to teaching as well. However, due to the fact that my Florida certification does not automatically parlay into a NY license - I am taking the exams and classes necessary to earn it. In the meantime, I am subbing regularly at the Commack school district, and taking graduate school classes at both C.W. Post and SUNY Stony Brook. I am taking this class for two reasons: for fun; and because the state certification board can get picky at times, and I want to assure myself that I will have more than enough (recognized) English credits to continue teaching Secondary Language Arts.

I look forward to this class - and towards getting to know all of my classmates!


I don't know where Riverhead finds these people. And then they put them in charge ov important things. Like my "education."

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i have no idea where they find these people.....always though he was a little STRANGE....
I still say Mr. Tacktill was cool, and I'm sorry he's gone, history or no.

No way, the guy was an asshole. Being old and gross and giving girls our age alcohol and taking pictures ov them isn't "cool." Besides that, he lacked any type of human dignity.