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I wanted to find out what happened to Mr. Tacktill so I put his name in Google and this is what came up:

My name is Barry and I moved back to Long Island last year after being gone for more than a decade. I finished my undergraduate work in 1994 at the University of South Florida (including a semester abroad at a college in Italy). I remained in Florida for several years afterwards, in order to run my own business. I initiated dozens of youth afterschool programs (including self defense and cheerleading) across the state. Concurrently, I worked on several TV/Film projects, culminating with my participation in the production of an independent feature film in 1995, which was shown at the Cannes FilmFestival.

In 1997, I became a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Williams Middle School in Tampa, teaching many underprivileged students in the "projects". I loved it, but had a need to answer a personal question. I never wanted to wonder (years from now....) "What IF???" So - I packed up my car and drove west to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving in LA, I began working yet again in television and film, working as Operations Manager for Playboy Entertainment. As one might imagine - it was loads of fun being able to mingle with the celebs at the parties held at "The Mansion". My "What if?" question having been answered, I realized that I was not going to settle down in Los Angeles - and Long Island was where I belonged.

I returned last year - and returned to teaching as well. However, due to the fact that my Florida certification does not automatically parlay into a NY license - I am taking the exams and classes necessary to earn it. In the meantime, I am subbing regularly at the Commack school district, and taking graduate school classes at both C.W. Post and SUNY Stony Brook. I am taking this class for two reasons: for fun; and because the state certification board can get picky at times, and I want to assure myself that I will have more than enough (recognized) English credits to continue teaching Secondary Language Arts.

I look forward to this class - and towards getting to know all of my classmates!


I don't know where Riverhead finds these people. And then they put them in charge ov important things. Like my "education."

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